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Product Information

The Remote Control Desk is the first Camera-Remote-Head control unit that allows the operator easy configuration to meet his individual needs. Configuration is being done by two user selectable 4-way joysticks on each haptically formed hand unit and an fluid damped focus control. The joysticks can be easily set to zero in any working position by pushing a button.

The joystick’s response characteristic, sensitivity, start and stop ramps are continuously variable. The hand units are removable and placed anywhere via hardwire. Ten positions for pan, tilt, roll, zoom and focus can be stored and recalled via the shot box. A virtual end stop may also be stored for each function. The actual zoom and focus position will be displayed on external readouts which can be placed anywhere onto the control monitor.

The maximum distance from the remote head to the desk is 500 meter (1650 feet) via CAN hardwire. The Supertechno Crane can be controlled on its usual cable length. The CAN protocol can be modified onto customers need.

Technical Data
AC Power Input: 90-230 volt
DC Power Input: 10-18 volt
In- and Outputs: CAN-Bus, Supertechno Crane, Telemetry,
RS 232, Tally, Roll Pedal
DC Power Output: 12 volt for Scriptlight
Weight: 7 kg
Measurements: 57 x 43 x 6 cm
Download: Product Sheet